Building Homes

Arrowood CircleBuilding unique, innovative homes in the old world tradition… skillfully with attention to every detail is what makes a difference in an Ed McMahon home. Over the years McMahon has incorporated the most advanced home features with the latest techniques available creating homes that truly reflect the lifestyles of his customers. Ed McMahon Interests has been specializing in both new construction and remodeling in such exclusive Houston neighborhoods as River Oaks, Tanglewood and Memorial for thirty years.  Since those early days Ed has built 147 homes, developed some of Houston’s most unusual townhome communities such as Lake Vargo Townhomes, Indian Circle, 5600 and 5656 San Felipe.  His remodeling projects include residences on Lazy Lane in River Oaks, Arrowood Circle and Farnham Park.

Building Barns

farm4 ranch from flickrAmong the many projects Ed McMahon Interests has developed is a ranch close to Houston, in Ft. Bend County that include an 11,000 sq. ft. home, bordered by the Brazos River on two sides; an all weather, 40,000 sq. ft. Equine and Bovine Center with the capacity of seating 500 guests for dinner; a show pavilion; several barns and a ranch manager’s residence.

Building Communities

Therapeutic Riding Center at EdMcMahon InterestsWhen I asked Ed to tell me, “what was his most unusual project?” He answered; “The most unusual project I’ve ever worked on was a complete remodel of a 110 foot motor yacht. Nothing is square on a yacht. The most rewarding project was the Richmond State School Therapeutic Riding Center, it is one of the largest in the United States. I really enjoy the creating aspect of being a builder and developer. If you get the owner, the architect, the designer and the builder all on the same page at the beginning, it’s really not that hard.” His philosphy comes from advice his father gave him when he first started out in this buisness. “Quality and Class never go out of style“.