Custom Homes

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Bigger is Better

Over the last 40 years we have mostly specialized in custom homes, 60 percent on spec and 40 percent custom contracted.

As a state, Texas is known for its “Bigger-is-Better” attitude. Not surprisingly, that same outlook applies to the housing market in some of the more exclusive neighborhoods in Houston — places like River Oaks, Tanglewood, and Memorial. Homes there are not only quite large, but also luxurious and built with the finest materials using the latest techniques. This has been Ed McMahon’s market for more than 47 years.

His name and that of his construction company, Ed McMahon Interests, Inc. has been long synonymous with the new construction and remodeling of million-dollar custom homes — featuring the skillful incorporation of fine old-world craftsmanship into the creation of modern and high-end home features for today’s upscale Houston family lifestyle.

Ed McMahon Interests Texas Businessman

Ed McMahon Interests

For over 47 years, Ed McMahon Interests has been quietly building unique, innovative homes in the old-world tradition… skillfully hand-crafting your dreams into reality.

Over the years, we’ve incorporated the most advanced home features with the latest techniques available, creating homes that truly reflect your lifestyle.

From the most lavish homes in River Oaks to modest home improvements, Ed McMahon Interests can affordably meet all your housing or commercial needs.

Discover the unmistakable advantage of hard work, a quarter-century of experience, and close attention to every detail. We’re building a reputation you can count on.

Building the Best Better.