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This Remodel started with bringing the pool indoors

Recently we were asked to do a complete remodel on a home. It is a big decision to build a custom home or undertake a home renovation. We have an experienced and reliable team of designers and craftsmen to handle your custom home renovation. We always start with the clients goals.

The goal?

To enclose the pool within the home. That is quite a challenge; to bring the pool inside the home, make it integrate with the house, look natural and feel comfortable and inviting. We enclosed the pool and then brought in other elements from other parts of the home, like the beems and brick work.

Remodel includes bar and wine storage

There used to be a fish tank where the bar now sits and a closet where the wine storage is now. We even added a brick ceiling to the wine storage area. Bricking a ceiling is a huge challenge, but it gives the wine storage a feeling of being underground.

House of Concrete & Steel

This house was built of concrete and steel so it was not the average home remodel. There are a number of concerns with renovating a concrete structure. Contractors must use the same or a better grade of concrete when patching sections that have been modified or the new section will be weaker. Breaking through concrete generates dust and noise which means we have to take great care to isolate the remodel from the rest of the house.

Elegant Wine Storage

The storage room was transformed to a beautiful wine cellar. We added a beautiful skylight and integrated the roof line perfectly with the rest of the house.